Product Design gone Slow

How is it that industrial/product design can be slow? For starters it’s about slowing down the processes of industry and slowing down the consumption of fast and cheap products. The time has come to eliminate built in obsolescence and return to products which are made to last, to be treasured and to make us the consumer … Continue reading

Slow Fashion 101

What is Slow Fashion?  It is many things and can be interpreted and practiced in many ways.  Based on the principles of the Slow Food Movement it is similarly an alternative to the fast, mass-produced, consumed and disposed.  We see it as the sustainable future of the fashion industry. Whilst the industry and us as … Continue reading

Slow Magazine

So recently we came across a really cool mag that promotes the slow design mentality. The magazine titled “Slow” has a beautiful tag line “For those who think life’s too fast” “Slow is a quarterly, low-gear lifestyle and culture magazine. It covers the arts, style, slow food, wine, slow travel and anything else under the … Continue reading