Slow Fashion 101

What is Slow Fashion?  It is many things and can be interpreted and practiced in many ways.  Based on the principles of the Slow Food Movement it is similarly an alternative to the fast, mass-produced, consumed and disposed.  We see it as the sustainable future of the fashion industry.

Whilst the industry and us as consumers have limited “slow” choices, there are many options and opportunities emerging.  In this space we will be discovering what is already out there in terms of producers and designers.  As consumers we should aspire to be as informed as possible, think about a purchase, and consider it’s life span.

Here are just a few examples of slow fashion – which you might already be engaging in without knowing! –

garments made with sustainable processes and materials (eg organic cotton and hemp) and ethically produced (eg fair-trade)

designed with a longer shelf life (eg investment pieces from quality makers and fabrics)

traditional artisan and craftsmanship – particularly in textiles and tailoring

diy – such as mending, darning, altering, customising, knitting, adding a personal touch to your wears

buying second-hand, vintage or receiving “hand-me-downs” – giving a article of clothing an extending life

designers using local products, manufacturers and producers, small scale productions, reducing carbon foot print and supporting local industry

diversity as opposed to “McFashion”; slow fashion allows for consumers to have a real choice, rather than purchasing generic chain store “fashion”

above all slow fashion is a practice to reinvoke a greater relationship of value of fashion

On a personal note, I will be documenting my progress as a slow fashion and textile designer, entering in to a changing face of fashion.

We look forward to hear about your Slow Fashion adventures, discoveries and suggestions.

Warm (slow) Regards,


(image left – Dutch designers Viktor and Rolfs’ bold protest to the speed of the current fashion industry) Image courtesy of

(featured image


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