Milli Jack and the dancing cat











There are many great knowledgeable and informative books about sustainability, design and such, but there are  not many books which captures the stories, the life and practice of sustainable living / design.  Most of those that I had happened to come across were written for children, Milli Jack and the dancing cat is one of them. This is a lovely Australian children book  that was written and illustrated by Stephen Michael King.

This is a story about being different, friendship, sharing skills to gain others, creativity and from our point of view about design . Milli the main character “could take a thing that was a nothing and turn it into a something. She could find any old forgotten this or that, give it a bit of a wiggle, and transform it into something amazing”.



Images: Stephen Michael Kink, Milli Jack and the Dancing Cat, (Allen & Unwin AU,2003). ISBN 1-86508-748-3

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