So who are we? …

Who: a collaborative design hub
What: exploring slow solutions in design

Born in a small, character filled cafe in Sydney’s inner suburbs, ‘a bit slow’ is a merging of five young Sydney designers who aim to explore slow design within the Australian context.

Drawing inspiration from the global and local design communities, ‘a bit slow’ challenges our acceptance of this fast paced world we all live in. Taking cues from the forefathers of slow design – slow food’s Carlo Petrini – we wish to explore the craft of design and reconnect other enthusiasts in Australia with what is possible when we are mindful, sustainable and go slowly.


How to Navigate this site….

The sections you can see on the right side of the screen relate to a variety of aspects of Slow design and the Slow movement, explore, enjoy and go slowly.

Be |  Lifestyle section & includes info on how to slow down as an individual.
Buy | Products / Furniture / Fashions etc. How you can make slow consumer decisions
Design | Research/Design Practices/Processes our experimentation and other innovations
Eat | Slow Food / Restaurants/Markets/Recipes/Produce/How to advice/Gardening
Live| Architecture and Interiors, slow spatial experiences and design
Make| “Make and Make Do”  information on mending, fixing and making things for yourself
Read| Blogs/Articles/Books/Magazines/Comics and anything else we can find that you might like to read
Travel| Slow travel and local travel, advertures near and far
Wear| Slow fashion be it designers, techniques, or advice on mending and making your own


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