Creating our future environment

Welcome to the Live section of abitslow. This section is all about how slow design affects or can affect our built environment, essentially the places in which we live, be they during work, recreation or where we call home. There are two branches which we will be exploring in this section pertaining to the exterior … Continue reading

Product Design gone Slow

How is it that industrial/product design can be slow? For starters it’s about slowing down the processes of industry and slowing down the consumption of fast and cheap products. The time has come to eliminate built in obsolescence and return to products which are made to last, to be treasured and to make us the consumer … Continue reading

Slow Design Down Under

Welcome to a bit slow! We are a bunch of interdisciplinary designers located in the land of oz (down under) deciding to stimulate debate around the concept of ‘slow design’. What is slow design? Well its a movement that started in the kitchen- have you heard of slow food? well now thats basically taking over … Continue reading