Milli Jack and the dancing cat

                    There are many great knowledgeable and informative books about sustainability, design and such, but there are  not many books which captures the stories, the life and practice of sustainable living / design.  Most of those that I had happened to come across were written for … Continue reading

Slow Magazine

So recently we came across a really cool mag that promotes the slow design mentality. The magazine titled “Slow” has a beautiful tag line “For those who think life’s too fast” “Slow is a quarterly, low-gear lifestyle and culture magazine. It covers the arts, style, slow food, wine, slow travel and anything else under the … Continue reading

Slow Design Down Under

Welcome to a bit slow! We are a bunch of interdisciplinary designers located in the land of oz (down under) deciding to stimulate debate around the concept of ‘slow design’. What is slow design? Well its a movement that started in the kitchen- have you heard of slow food? well now thats basically taking over … Continue reading